St. Gallen University visit


Students from the University of St. Gallen came to our office to get to know us, see our work environment and the culture of a company. We organized a warm welcome, a guided tour of the office, and a presentation so they could learn a bit more about Q and had the opportunity to gain insights into how we operate in different markets.

st-gallen2.jpeg st-gallen1.jpeg

During a company visit, students are engaged to think about how they might connect with jobs in the tech sector. With the incredible demand and limited supply of skilled workers, this kind of visit enables students to learn more about their future career possibilities.

What is interesting is that Q is actually working on a project for University of St. Gallen and what we did we built a “central platform” for their students & staff. Now everybody has access to all relevant info; students can see their schedule, exams, grades, learning materials; professors can upload their materials, finance department can see who paid the tuition, etc. It quickly became a popular solution that is now sold worldwide to universities and big companies which invest in employee education.